The Ordering + Shipping Process

We ship all items as the orders come in. It takes about 2 business days to ship your items through our fulfillment process. 95% of our orders are fufilled and shipped within 2 business days. 

Returns + Exchanges

Please email thesteemitshop@steemit.com if there are any issues with your purchase or shopping experience. We request that you review your order upon receipt and notify us if anything is incorrect. A return may be accepted within 10 days of delivery of your order due to product defect or any error on the part of The Steemit Shop. Return inquiries made later than 10 days after delivery of your order will not be accepted.

If a product needs to be returned or exchanged due to a Steemit Shop error please email thesteemitshop@steemit.com and we’ll send you a shipping label. In most cases, any products that need to be returned will be mailed to the following destination:

2900 N Quinlan Park Road, Suite B240-243

Austin, TX 78732

United States


 Happy Steem'in, 

Your friends @ The Steemit Shop